Gennai & Putzu sas of Olbia

Steel and iron alloys products and handmade products

On the market since 1955, our society has become over the years, a reference for people who work in the construction, building, architecture, nautical sector and of the industrial and civilinfrastructure conception, of big dimensions too, like the railway, the airport and the road fields, as well as the professionals and the artisans. In our store in Olbia, Gennai & Putzu has got a big show-room for welcoming the clientele with the presence of qualified and prepared advisors, where it’s possible to see and choice among a wide assortment of iron, steel different materials and iron alloys products, adaptable to all the needs. 

In particular, besides the sheets, pipes, girders and the bars of any shape and dimension, wealso propose the products and semifinished products for the decoration, enclosure nets, the iron grating, wonderful wrought iron elements, ideal to create particular scenic designs, decorations, panels for the creation of stairs railing, balconies and terraces, ornamental façade for residential and professional locations. The wrought iron products that are proposed by Gennai & Putzu are realized by the best brands in the field and offer incomparable features for the quality and the beauty, for a material that joins the perfect technique with the majesty of the ancient artistic craftmanship.

For knowing our complete range of iron and steel products and for discovering the possibilities that are offered bythe wrought iron products, for the house and the garden, we wait for you in our show-room, opened every day from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 am to 12.00 am and from 14.30 pm to 18.00 pm.