Girders and scaffolds for the reinforced concrete in Olbia

Steel elements for the realization of reinforced concrete structures

In the field of the constructions and building, the scaffold is the steel structure that is shaped, conformed and assembled following the different needs, that, with the concrete, increases the resistance in particular as it concerns the absorbtion of the efforts of the traction and the cut. The resulted product from the union of concrete with the steel elements is the reinforced concrete, a fundamental element in the constructions because it guarantees the performances of two materials: the resistance to the typical concrete compression, the resistance to the typical steel traction, with a high quality and safety level.

Gennai & Putzu offers a wide range of girders and scaffolds for concrete in Olbia, destined in particular to the professionals of the public and private constructions, who want to have at their disposal a high quality product, available in different dimensions and diameter with the possibility to get the cut at the desired dimensions too. Our bars and scaffolds in Olbia perfectly adapt to the civil and industrial works, great dimensionsworks, to the construction ofmotorway, railway and airport infrastructures, thanks to the mechanical and chemical features and to the sophisticated factory processes. 

First of all the girders are the real soul of the reinforced concrete structure, whose typical veining guarantees the perfect adherence to the concrete and whose characteristic veining satisfies the required rules of the earthquake proof quality.

Dimensional sections range:

Diameters: Ø 6 - Ø 50 mm / Length: 6 to 24 m (on request cuts in special measures)

Tolerability on the length:  Standard ± 100 mm / Special ± 50mm

Weight cables:  t 1.3 that. for beams at l = 6 m / t 2.2 ca. for beams at l = 12 m