Insulated panels in Olbia

Panels and slabs for covering and lining

The insulating panels with sandwich structure are composed of two resistant layers, in steel or in metal, with a reduced thickness, separated each other and connected by an internal substratum, made of a light material, like polyurethane suds, polyurethane, mineral wool or other similar materials, in order to give the material an important lightness, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Gennai & Putzu disposes in the show-room of a range of insulating panels in Olbia, ideal for the realization of covering and lining, products composed of high quality materials, in conformity to the standards of quality and thermal efficiency that are expected for this kind of products, available in different thickness and dimensions, according to their final use.

Our insulating panels in Olbia are usable for the creation of structures of different kinds, complex and aesthetically refined too, thanks to the assortment of the finishing. This kind of panels offer useful characteristics of lightness, manageability and simplicity in the use. It can be assembled easily and quickly on supporting structures of different kind and can satisfy the different needs in the field of the building and the realization of elements of the walls and covering. The insulating panels are useful for the realization of the refrigerating rooms and of the prefabricated structures too, for some soundproofing works and for insulating structures, in order to increase the energy efficacy of a residential building.

In our show-room a team of qualified people are always at your disposal for giving you any advice about the choice of the most suitable materials, in order to realize your projects, giving you perfect and expert advice. You can also receive a precise free estimate, without any obligation. Gennai&Putzu has a rich assortment of steel, iron, Corten steel handmade products, of steel and iron products and accessories for the industries, the craftmanship and the simple users.