Stainless steel in Olbia

Complete assortment of products and steel half-worked products

Stainless steel, usually called inox steel, is composed of an iron alloy, where different elements appear, generally chrome, with a percentage that usually varies between 11 and 30 %. The percentage of chrome creates an anticorrosion surface, that makes this material unassailable by the natural processes of the iron oxidation.

Sometimes other elements, instead of the chrome, can be used as bonds, for instance the nickel, the copper, the titanium, molybdenum, niobium which give different characteristics from the steel, according to their final use: for example the steel used to create cutlery and furniture for the kitchen (hoods, sinks, household electrical appliances) is characterized by the presence of the chrome (18%) and of the nickel (8%), while the steel for the outdoor, suitable for the naval building too, is composed of addition of mobyldenum(3%) that assures a n highest resistance to the chloride. 

In the stores of Gennai&Putzu a large assortment of stainless steel products and handmade products in Olbia areat your disposal, suitable to a wide range of uses, from the production of furniture and the finishing of the construction to the nautical industry and the building.

Come and see our show-room and ask for a catalogue to discover the variety of the products and of the semifinished products in stainless steel in Olbia, that are in our store: round, squared and rectangular section electrojoined hoses, wiredrawn pipes without any soldering, ideal for the hydraulic works too, pierced girders, wiredrawn girders,rectified girders with a squared, round or hexagonal section, angle brackets, level and pierced sheets and many other articles in stainless steel 304, 316 and 430, with the possibility to ask the cut at the desired dimensions.

Our company also offers a series of products realized in steel Corten, an alloy created joining chrome, copper and phosphor that offers characteristics of resistance and duration in the time, combined with the typical rust aspect, due to a natural process of superficial oxidation. We invite you to contact us to discover the variety of our steel products, eventually asking advice to our specialized staff.