Cut of iron girders in Olbia

Cut service of iron girders and plates at the required dimensions

Gennai & Putzu, the company that, since 1955, has offered its customers a wide supply of steel, iron and different metals products and semifinished products, has a department dedicated to the cut of the iron girders in Olbia, allowing the customer to ask a personalized cut of the girders, of the pipes, of steel bars and of sheets at the required dimensions.

According to the needs and the works to which these materials are destined. In our stores there is a structure with saw machines for doing the cut of the girders, of the laminate and of the tubular elements, with an extreme precision, on the right lineor on the desired corner. We also make the perfect and clear cut of the panels and of the plates for walls and covering. In our show-room, you can find a wide range of materials for the construction, the building and the industry, iron, steel, metallic alloys products and semifinished products, but also some enclosures, some decoration elements,nets and girders for the construction of reinforced concrete structures, insulating panels and plates for creatingthe lining and the covering.

We address to the people who need to buy big quantities of products, as well as artisan and people who enjoy building works or bricolage and need to buy retail. We also have steel Corten elements, with great technical performances, concerning the resistance, the duration and the strong aesthetic impact, ideal for the strong architectonic creations, artistic installations, infrastructures and big dimension buildings.

Thanks to our cut system of iron girders in Olbia, we can offer a supplementary service to our customers, for making easier their work, furnishing the material that they need, at the desired dimensions for their final use. For knowing the complete range of our products, for any particular question or simply for having some personalized advice or an estimate, we invite you to contact us or come and see our show-room.