Cor-Ten à Olbia

Special steel for architectonic creations and exceptionally aesthetically beautiful sculptures

Gennai & Putzu offers its customers a wide range of handmade products and metal, iron, and steel semifinished products, with a particular attention to the sale of products that are realized with Corten steel in Olbia, that are particularly indicated for the architecture sector, the construction and industrial and civil structures, even of big dimensions.

The Corten steel is composed of a specialsteel alloy, created to assure high performances concerning the corrosion and traction resistance, with the result of a product, destined to last for a longtime. It’s perfect for the creations installed in the open air. Composed by an iron alloy which contains some chrome, copper and phosphor, this kind of steel, besides offering a great resistance, is enrichedby its characteristic rust refinement, due to a natural process of oxidation, visible on the surface.

After a period that can be of about 4 years, the oxidation stabilizes definitely, forming a protective coat that is really wonderful and that will be unaltered for dozensof years. The physical and aesthetic features of this steel make it suitable for artistic sculptures and installations, as well as for industrial products, like scaffoldings, guardrails and containers.

Our company offers steel Corten materials in Olbia in the form of slabs or sheets, at disposal in the following dimensions:

Moulded case (size)

  • 150x150x3
  • 100x100x2
  • 50x50x2
  • 100x50x2
  • 80x40x2
  • 60x40x2
  • 40x40x2

Sheets in commercial sizes (thicknesses)

  • 15/10
  • 20/10
  • 30/10
  • 40/10
  • 50/10
  • 60/10
  • 80/10
  • 100/10